Why Charlotte Court?

Although basketball is an important component of Charlotte Court, it is not the only component.  One thing we are proud of is the after school and summer programs we have implemented over the years.

In these programs, we target elementary and middle school students who struggle academically, behaviorally, and/or socially.  Many of these students come from single home families and/or low income households. Without the support of sponsors and donors, the majority of these students would not be able to participate in the programs. 

The focus of these programs are to reinforce math and reading skills and strategies with an added twist.  Once students finish the academic component of the program, they are rewarded with various activities and field trips.   Physical fitness is integrated throughout the day and considered an integral part of the program. Students who have participated in this program have shown growth academically, behaviorally, and socially.  


88 went to College (93%)

76 played ball in college


10 current high school students

12 current middle school students

Our Purpose

The goal of Charlotte Court Inc. is to increase positive support systems for at risk youth in Lexington, KY.  This will be accomplished by hosting afterschool and summer programs that will focus on academics, athletics, and wellness.  Charlotte Court will provide tutoring programs and educational supports in order to increase academic achievement, mentoring programs to help strengthen social and leadership skills, and fitness classes to improve overall wellness, physically and mentally.  Charlotte Court will promote cultural awareness and increase civic engagement by participating in diverse experiences and community service events.   

Charlotte Court Alumni List

Aaron Morris IUPUI/Georgetown College
Adrian Givens University of Kentucky
Bud Mackey Employed
Charles Newton III Tennessee Tech - Asst. Coach at Samford
Dacoby Burnett Martin Methodist/EKU
Dion Johnson Morehead
Donte Stweart Employed
Jaron Jones Carl Roberts/EKU
Jordan Lee Southwestern Illinois
Mike Gardner University of Kentucky (Football)
Rodney Haddix Miami of Ohio/Georgetown College
Terrell Combs Minnesota/EKU Football
Victor Moses Georgetown College

Antuan Jackson BCTC
Cameron Richardson Wyoming/Asbury
Charles Ashford Vincennes/Coastal Carolina
Chase Blackburn Kentucky State (Football)
CJ Penney Kentucky State/Asbury
Darius “Duke” Walker BCTC
Darrin Linton Louisville
JD Miller Tuscaloosa
Jonathan Ford St. Augustine/BCTC
Marquis Clay Employed
Montell Morones St. Augustine/BCTC
Nick Hudson Lincoln Memorial
Tyler Rogers Alice Lloyd

Andrew Adams BCTC
AZ Crisp Asbury
Brad Lang Pikeville (Football)
Bryce Witt Transylvania
Just Lamg Shawnee
Kevin Williams St. Claire/Union College
Mike Walker Georgetown College
Phil Barner Macky Brown Jr.
Tyler Smothers Lindsay Wilson/Midway

Cory Moss University of Kentucky
Daniel Kinsley Emory Riddle/Engineer
Deandre Bigsby EKU
Deon Renfro Brown Mackey
Devon Dotty EKU
Hunter Porter University of Kentucky
James Evans Mississippi Community College
Marcellus Barksdale IUPUI
Seth Beckham Berea
Tez Harris Tennessee Martine/Ave Maria
Tregg Setty Ohio University - Professional Player
Walter Alexander Cincinnati State
Wasim Rice Glennville State

Aaron Jacobs Junior College
Adam Wing Evansville
Alex Blackburn EKU/Asbury/Midway
Darius Gibson Samford
Darius Waide Employed
David Greenwell University of Kentucky
DJ Townsend Georgetown College/Midway
Matt Day University of Virginia College at Wise
Patrick Nickodem Ole Miss
Spencer Brashear University of Kentucky
Tiger Warfield Youngstown State

Braxton Mcfarland University of Kentucky
Charles Sweat-Washington Sinclair/Cumberland
DT Tichner Employed
Eric Trigg Jr.
Jamal Adu-Pesah Louisville
Kyle Aiton Southern Indiana
Matthew Hunter Asbury/University of Kentucky
Mike Smith Pfeiffer University
Paul Jones
Trenard Chester EKU/Cumberland
Tyler Smith Asbury
Will Gary EKU/Cumberland

Austin Crisp Alice Lloyd
Daquise Allen Asbury
Darion Burns Georgetown College
John Helton Transylvania
Josh Ruggles WKU
Lance Blakely Union
Marcellus Washington Sinclair/Southern Indiana
Robert Dence Transylvania University Graduate
Shawn Johnson Degree
Troy Black Transylvania
Vince Davis Louisville
Will Henderson Morehead/Asbury

Brandon Lindsey Lindsay Wilson
Brooks Ely Glenville State/NKU
Dalton Krause University of Kentucky
Darius Barksdale Oakland City University/Urban University
David McCorvey Asbury
Desmond Duke Asbury
Drew Trimble Navy/Transylvania
Felix Wilson Kentucky State University
Josh Owsley Kentucky State (Basketball)
Lucky Jackson WKU (Football)
Quinn Pergande Centre/Employed
Sydney Hugle University of Kentucky
Tyreik Smith

Deandre Dishman EKU/Middle Tenn State
Isiah Tisdale Vincennes/ETSU
Jordan Houston Asbury
Kolby Garrett Stuart Scott (Football)
Larry Whelan Morehead
Leander Ridgeway Lee University/Asbury
Walt Spence WKU

Andreus Green
Ben Simic Indiana University Kokomo
Hunter Jones
Hunter Stevens Campbellsville University of Somerset
Josiah William
Nicholas Smith Kentucky Christian
Will Philpot

Billy Murphy III Transylvania
Devaunte Robinson Campbellsville University
Duce Ralls Transylvania
Harris Hawkins HOPE College
Jace Wallace Motlow State University
JJ Ramey University of Pikeville
Rasaan Thompson Bristol Prep School


“The Charlotte Court Stars program is unique because it is a positive mentoring program for boys that provide a learning environment to strengthen academics, discipline through athletics, an outlet to discuss issues, and fun by taking field trips. Ms. Davis and Coach Nimbo care about the well-being of each individual child and it shows through the respect that they receive from the kids. They stay in contact with the parents and are always willing to help. I'm grateful that my son has the privilege to be a part of this group. He's progressed in so many ways and I have Coach and Ms. Davis to thank for that!!!!”

“For me Charlotte Court is unique in the fact that it's really a way to help the kids. Not only that, the program is more than something for the kids to do. You both have been a blessing to both of my boys. You guys take your Saturdays and come and support them at football games, check in to see how they are doing at with school, academically and behavior wise. The funny thing is they no longer go to Breckinridge, and you guys continue to check on them. Ms. Davis you are the best! You were patient and really helped Kari with his issues. You still help with that. Coach Nimbo built a bond with these boys that cannot be broken. Keshaun and Kari talk about you both all the time. Keshaun wishes that he could go back to Breckinridge just to be a part of High Flyers and to see Coach every day. Coach Nimbo was the only person that could calm him when his temper would explode. I loved that. I knew if he had a bad day there was someone there to get him together and also help him have a better day. Not to mention you both have experienced the human task reminder.  But all in all, this program has helped my boys academically. Keshaun was not on grade level with reading but after the summer, he does really well in reading and his semester reading grade was an A. The summer program made it easy for me know that my boys were in good hands with people who truly and genuinely cared for them. At the same time they were still doing school work, so that they wouldn't lose anything learned over the year through the summer. The summer program helped both of my boys MAP scores. They miss you guys something terrible. All they talk about is how they can't wait to spend the summer with you and Coach.”

“First of all I would like to say what makes Charlotte Court unique and stand out from the rest is that it is run by two of the most kind and lovable people.  Nimbo and Kristin establish bonds with these children that can't be broken. They help them with every aspect of life and them becoming a better person. My son absolutely adores the both of you guys.  The group of boys that you had at Breckinridge and over the summer love you. I love the bond that all the boys developed and has kept. I think for my son, J'Marious, the hardest part of going to middle school was not having you guys there.  He always talks about Coach’s group and the talks they had in the morning to start their day. Even though he is no longer at Breckenridge you guys still continue to reach out to him.... From checking on him to see how he is doing in school to attending his football and basketball games  Nothing that you guys do goes unnoticed and I truly appreciate it. I could keep going and going but I'm not. Charlotte Court is unique because it is family....”

“I think what makes Charlotte court stand out is the pure positivity it brings to kids, not only through athletics or education, but in Life.  Nimbo has experienced and seen diversity, whether it has been directly in his own life, or others around him. He chose a path that steered him away from negativity. He teaches young people the tools to make the most out of their own situation (bad or good) and not only does he wholeheartedly believe in each and every one of the kids he works with, teachers or coaches, he makes them believe in themselves.  He's always positive; he never gives up on anyone. He leads by example. It's not just an organization to come to learn or play sports; you gain a family when you are a part of Charlotte Court and what Nimbo built. Some of the kids would never get to experience family otherwise...”

“Over the last year I have been truly mean amazed at what Charlotte Court really stands for. Looking at it from a far you might only see a basketball team but we are so much more.Yes we are a travel basketball organization that is pretty well accomplished.A team that works hard and holds their heads high. But that is just the top layer of what Charlotte Court really is. From doing community service to teaching the boys about real life situations and how to handle them. We are far more than a basketball team we are a family that looks out for each other on and off the court. We see the potential in each player not only with their basketball skills but their education as well. They get pushed by not only the coaching staff but also the other players parents. We hold each one of them accountable for everything they do on and off the court and their teammates hold them to it as well. If they see one of their teammates down emotionally or physically they all go to pick them up.  These boys aren't just teammates they are brothers and will be for life. This opportunity has changed not only Dominique's life it has changed ours as well. Our family has grown and we love it!”

What does Charlotte Court means to me?  I can tell you it's more than just a basketball team. It's a family! Coaches, parents, and players really love each other.  The men greet each other with a handshake or "dap". Greet the moms and women with a hug. The parents take care of each kid as if it was there own kid.  Everyone is very supportive of each other. If your kid has some kind of event outside of basketball, you best guarantee one of us will be there to support him.  It's no thing for all 12 boys to end up at your house before you know what's going on. Most people would run from it, we see it as a blessing to be around these kids.

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Positive Changes

Although basketball is an important component of Charlotte Court, it is not the only component.  One thing we are proud of is the after school and summer programs we have implemented over the years.  In these programs, we target elementary and middle school students who struggle academically, behaviorally, and/or socially.  Many of these students come from single home families and/or low income households. Without the support of sponsors and donors, the majority of these students would not be able to participate in the programs.  

88 Went to college
3 Worked after HS graduation (no college)
76 Played ball in college
12 Went to college but didn't play ball
20 Earned a college degree
47 Are still in college