About Charlotte Court

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History of Charlotte Court Inc.

Charlotte Court Inc. was founded in 1999 by Robert “Nimbo” Hammons. Nimbo was a former resident of the Charlotte Court housing projects located off of Georgetown Street in Lexington, KY. Living in the projects wasn’t easy. However, Nimbo, along with many others, learned to adapt an d make the best of opportunities given to them. Nimbo was fortunate enough to have several people take an interest in him and help him to see the bigger picture…life outside of the projects.

After college, Nimbo knew that he wanted to do something to give back to the neighborhood that he came from. He knew that opportunities and programs were diminishing, so he wanted to reach out and help the youth of Charlotte Court academically and athletically. After much consideration, he decided to start his own nonprofit organization that would fulfill these goals. His overall vision for his organization was to enhance the mind, body, and soul of today’s youth. He wanted to provide an avenue to help children make a better life for themselves, similar to what others had so graciously done for him.

Over the years, Charlotte Court has helped many children and young adults through basketball and academic programs, many of whom pursued basketball at higher levels. Charlotte Court emphasizes the importance of quality education and uses basketball and other athletics as a motivator. Although sports is a major component of Charlotte Court, it is not the centerpiece. Instead, it is our goal to balance athletics, academics, and overall wellness. The student athletes, as well as the parents, are working on getting stronger mentally, physically, and academically.

What Makes Charlotte Court Unique

What makes Charlotte Court unique is its focus on creating a family atmosphere.  When you join Charlotte Court, your entire family is welcomed with open arms. This foundation is what makes the organization so strong.  Charlotte Court prides itself on developing relationships first and foremost. Each individual plays a critical role in the organization. Bonds are created early on and continue to grow over the years.  There is a strong focus on the mentality that it takes a village to raise a child. Once you sign up for a Charlotte Court program, you are always part of Charlotte Court. This creates a mutual feeling of trust and respect.

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