WKYT Reports – “Coach Helps Championship Winning Lexington Team Stay Focused.”

LEXINGTON, KY (WKYT) – Some adults are stepping up in the community to give teenagers an outlet for all that energy, and role models to follow. He’s a big guy with a strong voice. In a gym full of teenagers, that’s important. Coach Nimbo Hammons tells the team huddled around him at center court, “today will be more of a “get at it” day. Next Tuesday will be a ‘get at it’ day.” The Charlotte Court basketball team is one week from a national championship tournament for 8th graders. On this night, the team has split into two squads and is having a spirited, competitive scrimmage. Coach Hammons tells one group, “Get at ’em. Make ’em look bad. Either their pride will kick in, and they’ll start going hard; if they don’t, crush ’em.” Click here to read the full article.